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Throughout life people come into contact with various property issues. Whether it concerns the purchase of your first home, a property investment, or the management of inherited property, Living Stone can always provide you with a comprehensive property service. We are your personal property manager and offer you reliable and professional support through the entire property process.

Living Stone can help you with the widest-ranging questions regarding property. We are very happy to share our many years of experience and extensive knowledge with you. We guide you from A to Z with the purchase, sale or lease of your property. We are also happy to help you resolve the smallest of property issues. Living Stone can help you arrange the drawing up of an energy performance certificate, request an electrical inspection or other legally necessary documents. Moreover, we possess the necessary infrastructure for receiving buyers, arranging dissemination information gatherings and organising consultative meetings. This optimal organisation ensures that we can provide you with the best of service, and that the sales process runs according to the accepted standards, and that all the parties involved are fully aware of the amounts payable. 

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