Leasing and renting

Targeted publicity | Legal expertise | Follow-up from A to Z

Renting a home or apartment requires much professional knowledge. Leasing and renting legislation is complex and the market is continually changing. Living Stone helps you determine the correct rental for your building and supports you with leasing by way of targeted publicity and thorough lessee selection.
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We arrange efficient viewing of the property and immediately aim for the most suitable and financially sound, potential candidates, lessees and tenants. Following thorough screening, the lessee is selected and a lease contract is drawn up.

The lease contract and inventory of fixtures and fittings is drawn up by the Masters in Law that meets all the legal requirements and latest rules and regulations. We follow through the dossier from A to Z right up to the lessee taking entry. 

  • 31,397
    potential tenants
  • 170
    properties on average for rent
  • 856
    satisfied tenants and landlords
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